Unique Sock Puppet Mittens that kids love!

Soft, Warm, Water Resistant, Fleece Sock Puppet Mittens that won't fall off or get filled with snow. Only mittens like it on the market. Having fun in the snow was never better.

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Sputtens Story

As a mother of three adventurous kids in the Northeast I am no stranger to clothing challenges but mittens and toddlers have always been my greatest frustration by far, it always seems that after struggling to get the mittens on they fall off or fill with snow minutes after getting outside.

Almost every parent I've spoken with agrees that mittens and young kids never work well. I've personally tried everything to keep my kids hands warm but it was always the same in the end… lost mittens, freezing hands, and crying kids. Finally at my wits end I resorted to putting the kids in old ski socks for mittens which seemed to work better than anything on the market. Of course they lacked some important qualities such as adequate insulation and water resistance so they were always getting wet and covered with snow… they weren't exactly fashion forward either and the kids seemed to know it as well. With no alternatives available I set to work to create a real answer to this problem and so The Sock Puppet Mitten Company and Sputtens were born!


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