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      Fun Fact: In Greenland Polar Bears are known as the Masters of Helping Spirits

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    Sputtens provide superior protection from the elements and maximum excitement for children through a unique design, quality materials and FUN! They cover small hands all the way up to the elbow so they cannot be pulled off, fall off, or fill with snow around the cuff. The cute, cuddly, and colorful character designs make them fun to wear so kids are excited to get them on. Machine washed. Imported.

    • Advanced fleece fabric keeps hands warm and dry
    • Waterproof/breathable palm patch keep snow grabbing hands extra dry
    • Elongated design and cuff keep snow from getting in and Sputtens from falling off (or getting pulled off)
    • Super stretchy and scrunchable so they are easy to get on
    • Extra wide thumb sheath makes getting the thumb in place super easy**
    • Adorable characters that kids love to wear and play with, each set of twins have names, birthdays and a fun fact

    ** Small Sputtens do not have a thumb sheath to make ease of use with very young children as simple as possible.


    SMALL: Infants 3-24 months (measure 7 in. from fingertips to elbow), MEDIUM: Toddlers 2-4 years old (measure 10 in. from fingertips to elbow), LARGE: Young kids 4 -10 years old (measure 13 in. from fingertips to elbow)

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